O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program
O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program 

Early Bird Vocal Jazz

Fall Semester: 1/2 credit               

Open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors - Prerequisite: Audition

This is a semester long course focusing on jazz vocal technique (tone, placement) & style, improvisation, mic technique, and good musicianship through performance. Repertoire includes but is not limited to swing, latin jazz, bassa nova, and contemporary styles. This course includes foreign language singing, intermediate to advanced theory, and advanced sight-reading & rhythmic fluency. Voicings may range from SSAA to SSAATTBB, depending on enrollment. Rehearsal and performance times scheduled outside of the regular school day are mandatory for all enrolled students. The prerequisite for this course is completion of a successful audition which evaluates rhythmic and melodic fluency, tonal skills, and improvisation.




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