O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program
O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program 

Concert Choir

Full Year

1/2 credit per semester


Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors

Prerequisite: Audition


A full-year course focusing on perfecting fundamentals, intermediate theory, and good musicianship through the performance of a wide variety of musical styles. Moderate amount of singing in foreign languages. Begins with SATB voicing.


During the school year, students will be participating in the following performances and contests: 


Feeder School Concert

IMEA Auditions and Festivals

Holiday Concert

IHSA Organizational Contest

IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest and Concert

Spring Pops Concert

Praise the Lord
Here's a recording from our opener at the 2022 McKendree Choral Festival: Praise the Lord by Handel
Praise the Lord _ Handel _ Concert Choir[...]
MP3 audio file [2.6 MB]
Ad Astra
Here's a recording from our closer at the 2022 McKendree Choral Festival: Ad Astra by Jacob Navarud

The text is all about finding hope in despair through the imagery of stars in darkness
Ad Astra _ Navarud _ Concert Choir _ 2:2[...]
MP3 audio file [4.3 MB]
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