O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program 2018 - 2019
O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program2018 - 2019

ILMEA Information

Congratulations to all of the OTHS Choir students who will be participating in All District Festival!

Please find the list below:

Congratulations to the following students that qualified for the Illinois All State Choir!

All State

Gloria Rousseau

Madison Winkeler


All State Honors

Bennett English

Grant George

Olivia Hellen

Jonathan Mason


2018 All District Choir Results
2018 District Choir Results.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [203.6 KB]

ILMEA WEBSITE: http://ilmea.org/




AUDITIONS: Monday, October 8th @ Mascouta High School


DISTRICT JAZZ FESTIVAL: Saturday, November 3rd @ Belleville East High School


DISTRICT CHORUS FESTIVAL: Saturday, November 17th @ Belleville West High School


Click the link below to access all of the Chorus resources on the ILMEA website:

The selected excerpts will be announced around a week before auditions.

Please learn all four selections.

This is everything you will need to know for the senior chorus audition.



The state selected excerpt for the 2018 ILMEA Senior Chorus audition is:

Sicut Cervus - Boyd edition
Sopranos - Measure 34 beat 3 through end of measure 51
Altos - Measure 36 through measure 52 beat 3
Tenors - Measure 37 beat 3 through the end
Basses - Measure 39 through the end


The district selected excerpt for the 2018 ILMEA Senior Chorus audition is:

Will be announced on the day of the audition.


The Selected Tonal Skills are:


Major Scale
Harmonic minor Scale
Major Triad
Minor Triad
Diminished Triad



Click below to access pdf copies of the District and State selections. You must use your OTHS login to access the files.

All State Pieces

Desh, SATB Ethan Sperry

Sicut Cervus, SATB Palestrina

District 6 Pieces

Even When He Is Silent, SATB Kim Andre Arnesen

I'll Tell My Ma, SATB arr. Erik Jones


Listening and Practice Tracks

Follow the link below to access practice tracks for all selections and the tonal skills. You will need your OTHS login info to access these files.


TONAL SKILLS AUDITON PRACTICE TRACKS: This is the exact same way you will be given the starting pitch for your scales, triads, and sightreading.


SIGHTREADING PRACTICE: Sight reading examples from previous years.


Vocal Jazz

Click the link below to acces all of the resources on the ILMEA Vocal Jazz website:

All State Pieces

I’ll Be Seeing You

Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal, arranged by Phil Mattson

Hal Leonard SATB  # 08603316


Mr. Hooper’s Find it in a Minute Book – Bb blues

Rosana Eckert, arranged by Jeremy Fox


Selected Excerpts

One excerpt (SATB parts, measures all the same) will be chosen per tune from the following three choices:


“I’ll Be Seeing You” Excerpt A – measures 1 – 8 (beginning up to Letter A), Excerpt B – Letter A up to Letter B, Excerpt C – Letter B up to the 1st chord (fermata) of the fourth measure of Letter C.


“Mr. Hooper’s Find it in a Minute Book” Excerpt A –measures 9 through 24, Excerpt B – measures 73 through 88, Excerpt C – measures 89 through 108 (Ending #1).


Click below to access pdf copies of the Vocal Jazz Selections. You must use your OTHS login to access the files.



Listening tracks for both all state pieces:


I'll Be Seeing You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxtXq1IOUZo


Mister Hooper's Find It In A Mintue Book:  https://soundcloud.com/jeremyfox/mister-hooper


Improvisation Track
07 - Blues in key of Bb concert.mp3
MP3 audio file [7.3 MB]

Additional VJ Audition Requirements

1. Blues Scale


2. Chromatic Scale


3. Improvisation to the Blues in Bb


4. Sightreading: students will be given 30 seconds to review the material, and they are able to sing or hum prior to performing the selection 







Blues and Chromatic Scale Sheet
Blues Chromatic Scales (blank).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [87.5 KB]


Upcoming Events:

-August 5th - August 9th Show Choir Camp

-Have a wonderful Summer!


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