O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program
O'Fallon Township High School Choral Program 


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External Resources

Check out these online  resources to hone your musical skills and get the creativity flowing!

Improve your sight reading skills

Sign up for Sight Reading Factory and practice your skills!  Create a student account and use the code: nb4efx.

 Sight Reading Factory can be used on virtually any device.

Compose an original song

Gain expertise in composition techniques. Learn the basics, be able to create a story and turn it into a song.  Check out Sam Gunnick's Youtube video on how to get started.

Music Theory Basics and Beyond

Want to get better at naming notes, understanding rhythms, key signatures, scales, intervals, etc?  Click on LESSONS, EXCERCISES, and TOOLS.

Notate your own scores with Noteflight

Noteflight is a web-based, professional quality music notation program. You can create up to 10 scores for free!Here you can add a short description.

Experiment with music production

GarageBand is Apple's 100% free music production software, available on Mac or iOS. Experiment with loops, play virtual instruments, record amd edit audio, and more!

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